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Constable Benton Fraser
08 September 2006 @ 03:11 pm
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Constable Benton Fraser
26 July 2006 @ 04:37 pm
Ray already recced a bunch of fics here. I'll be reccing ones that she hasn't, or trying to at least. (Everyone recs CMW. It's required.) Most if not all of these contain slash and/or hot mansex. They are without a doubt all Fraser/RayK in some way, shape, or form. I'll eventually add summaries/what-have-you. For now, you just get links. :D

Academic Punk, the hoyden

Chicago's Most Wanted, speranza

Enduring Distance, speranza

Inertia, lamardeuse

Take Me Out, lamardeuse

That's Where All the Gangsters Live, minervacat

They Eat Pizza, Don't They?, brooklinegirl

Two Men in a Boat, or Adventures on the African Queen, sihaya black

Seeing Red, lamardeuse

With Six You Get Eggroll, speranza

Updated 30 July:

Beguiled: Cabbages and Kings, rhi marzano

How Many Ways, pearl-o

Merry Bells Keep Ringing, pearl-o

Ray Is Not Actually Graphing The History Of His Relationship With Fraser--That Would Be Pathetic, And Ray Is Not Pathetic--But If He Was Graphing It, Even Just In His Own Stressed-Out, Messed-Up Brain, It Might Look Something Like This, sprat

Snapshot: Bell Curve, rageprufrock (crossover with SGA)

Also. This will be updated. Because I devour fic. Roar.
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Constable Benton Fraser
25 July 2006 @ 12:08 am
I. I love harukami and the sick way that her mind works. I love her so much.

"That, Ray, is the true reason I became a detective."

"...because he ...looked for clues and had a dog."

"Because I love him, Ray."

"Fraser, that's stupid. Nobody's in love with Steve from Blue's Clues. He's... Steve."

"Ray, with all due respect, if you speak ill of my Steve, I may be forced to engage in fisticuffs."


"I will punch you in the face."

"...I know what they are, Fraser."

"Then, desist. Because, you see."

"What now."

"...Steve is, ah, cold."

"...Cool, Fraser. And he's not cool. He's, like. Anti-cool."



"I did warn you, Ray."

"Okay, look, look. God. I can't believe this, Fraser. You like Steve more than me."


"I just can't BELIEVE--"

"Ray. Ray. Ray. Ray. Ray."


"Please don't make me choose between you."
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Constable Benton Fraser
08 July 2006 @ 01:42 am
I plan on this being a list. A massive list of lines in dS that makes me go "............WHAT". For great justice. Carry on.

"You're not going to shoot either."
"Why? You think I'm not a killer?"
"No, I think you're an evil psychopath. But if you try, Detective Vecchio will blow your brains off."
"Mn, I'm sorry, I stand corrected: he will blow your brains out."
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Constable Benton Fraser
07 July 2006 @ 12:28 am
I figured that while I'm trying to get canon uploaded I'd link to some YouTube clips. Because, really. But first, a brief summary of due South:

Constable Benton Fraser's father, famous Mountie Robert Fraser, is murdered by a hitman posing as an American dentist. Fraser tracks the hitman down when he travels to Chicago (with the help of Detective Ray Vecchio)! He finds out that the hitman was hired to off his father because Fraser, Sr. had discovered a plot by the government to flood Canadian wilderness (damaging countless things) because of a nearby dam's incapability of supporting the water it needed to hold -- so Fraser, Sr. was murderinated. Fraser finds all of this out and implicates a good load of government officials and higher-ups in this plot, and because of this everyone figures that it's better that Fraser stays in Chicago, attached as liaison to the Chicago Police Department for the Canadian Consulate.

Ray Vecchio is a streetwise Italian detective who's fast-talking and abrasive. He dresses in Armani and is smooth. At the beginning of the third season he also disappears undercover to assume the role of Armando Languistini, a recently deceased mafiaso who Ray bears a resemblance to. In order to aid his work, Ray needs to be replaced back in Chicago.

Enter Ray Kowalski. Before I go anywhere else, I would like to point something out: this is Ray Vecchio. This is Ray Kowalski. Now try to wrap your mind around the fact that RayK is supposed to be RayV. Exactly. Welcome to due South, population: WTF.

Ray Kowalski has his own set of issues. Ha ha. Oh Ray. I won't even touch that. His player can write a 15-page essay on his issues, and I'll write a 15-page essay on Fraser's daddy/woman issues, and it will be awesome.

So basically Fraser works with his best bud RayV, who turns into RayK who also becomes his best bud, and the series ends with Fraser and RayK dogsledding off into the sunset together. I'm serious. It's maybe the best thing I've ever seen ever. Also, Fraser has his deaf half-wolf Diefenbaker, his dead dad who haunts him and lives in his closet, and the rest of the cast there for the show. It's a fun thing.


Firstly, blooper reel. From the last two seasons, it documents the cast of due South being idiots. And also devotes an entire section to RayK and Fraser's big gay love. Oh, due South. I love you.

Fraser meets "Ray Vecchio". Has no idea what's going on. Where did his Italian go? D:

Fraser and RayK play poker for air. "Once again, crowded home." "House." "Crowded house." "...full house." "Full house, full house."

RayK and Turnbull fight about curling. "Hey, you're empty-handed." "But I am not empty-trousered."

Fraser sings sea chanties. I can't spell chanteys. Er. Paul Gross owns my soul.

Finally, a RayV clip! Fraser is paralyzed. RayV is carrying him. Fraser is... singing. Just. Yes.

Buck Frobisher, the renowned Mountie who carries a passing resemblance to the actor Leslie Nielson, gives a... very rousing speech. "Our names will be as like... household names!"

RayK and RayV confront each other. Testosterone abounds. They bond over... mocking Fraser. A++, boys.

...RayK has issues. So RayV shows back up and RayK realizes that he... is no longer Ray Vecchio. And then he has this talk with Thatcher. And... oh, Ray.

And Fraser and RayK ride off into the sunset. The end. ♥

Alsoalso, there is a place to download dS episodes online but it's one of those supersekrit "don't tell anyone in public" places, so if you're at all interested? IM me at transfiguratio, reply here with your email address, or PM me in the chan (under Fraser, Mac, Wolfram, or Aziraphale).
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